Are Your Money Beliefs Holding You Back?

What's Your Money Personality?

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Femme Money's mission is to educate and inspire women from all walks of life to take control of their finances and build the lives they want based on their values.  We are here to level the playing field for financial security, confidence and power.

I'm Elena!

I'm a Certified Financial Education Instructor, investor, entrepreneur and busy mama dedicated to women's financial empowerment. 

We believe that taking care of your financial future is one of the highest forms of self-love you can practice. And when you take care of yourself financially, you are taking care of everyone around you and changing the world for the better.  

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Are your money beliefs holding you back? 
Recognizing your money personality is the first step toward financial health.

What's Your
Money Personality?

Discover fun tools and simple strategies to teach your kids the basics of personal finance and investing.  Set your kids up for a financially secure future!  See how I do it with my own kids.

Money Smart Kids

It's time to invest in future you and all the financial dreams you have.  You are an investor!  You have the brains, income, and time to change your financial future for the better.   There is no stopping you! 

Invest Like a Woman

Learn how to achieve authentic financial freedom based on your values.  Set up your personal finance system that manages your money and grows your wealth automatically.  No budgeting, penny pinching or feeling guilty!

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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or lost when trying to decide the best way to handle your money, this course is for you. 

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From Newbie to Confident Investor

I believe that every woman is capable of taking charge of her finances and she should. All she needs is to be given the right tools, a roadmap with easy to follow steps—which is where this course comes in. You will learn the fundamental principles of personal finance and investing —principles you can act on to turn your dreams of financial freedom, security, and independence into reality. 

Wherever you are in your financial journey, you are welcome here. Learn, build your confidence and take charge of your money! 

A loan you make to a government or a company in exchange for regular interest payments (called coupon). The loan is paid back by a specific date (maturity date).  


Ownership of a piece of a company. Each share of stock is a proportional stake in the company's assets and profits.


Categories of financial things you own, e.g., stocks, bonds, real estate.  

Asset Class

Investing vocab in plain English



Owning several different kinds of assets. Helps minimize investment risk. We diversify because we can’t predict the future of financial markets with any certainty. 


How your investments are distributed across different asset classes. When done properly, your allocation factors in your age, income, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Asset Allocation

It’s an investment that is traded on the exchange (like New York Stock Exchange). It is a basket of tens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of stocks or bonds in a single fund.   


Investing vocab in plain English



A financial advisor who has a legal duty to act in your best interest and is not getting paid to steer you into buying overpriced investment products you don’t want or need.


The profit you get from investing money. This profit is based mainly on the amount of risk associated with the investment. So less-risky investments generally earn a lower rate of return than higher-risk investments.


A chance that the returns on your investments will be different than you expected. Usually refers to investment risk, which is a measure of how likely it is that you could lose money in an investment. 


Investing vocab in plain English



Yes, show me!

There are so many financial services products out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed.  I'm sharing my favorite investing and money management tools that I use every day to help me stay on track with achieving my financial goals.  I'm a busy mom, just like you.  I don't want to spend all day crunching numbers or watching the stock market.  I value simplicity and convenience.  These tools help me be in charge of my money.       

My favorite investing and money management tools

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I don't need to explain that reading a good financial book is worth it - but that doesn’t make reading a book about money any easier.  If you'd like to educate yourself on a subject of money, but not sure which book to pick, you are in luck.  I've compiled a list of top 9 finance books that will give you the knowledge and confidence boost to start improving your finances today.  Happy reading! 

What's on my Bookshelf 

I got you, girl!

I am not a beauty or a fitness blogger.  I teach women how to achieve financial success and live rich authentic lives.  I strongly believe that if you don't take care of your physical and mental health, it doesn't matter how much money is in your bank account.  I strongly support companies that offer clean beauty and personal care products, organic food and sustainable fashion.  We vote for our values with our money every day.  These are the brands I'm happy to support.    

My Personal Essentials

Here we go!

There are various helpful resources that will guide you on the journey of teaching your kiddos about money.  
I'm sharing my favorite books, Apps and other tools I've enjoyed using so far. Stay patient. Keep the big picture in mind. I applaud your commitment to make sure your kids grow up to be financial literate adults and live the life of their dreams!

Learning resources for kids

Elena's favorite things

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When you invest in your financial education through one of our products, you are also creating meaningful change in the world.  With every purchase, you support a child in need.

are making a difference

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