Most of us spend money on whatever, and then we reactively feel good or bad about it.

 With a conscious spending plan, you are being proactive.
You decide exactly where you’re going to spend your money and how it’s connected to your core values.

As a result, you are moving closer to achieving your financial goals and you free yourself from feeling guilty about your spending.

Your conscious spending plan is not a strict budget. It is a flexible, high-level framework that is completely unique to you.

Conscious Spending Plan

Conscious Spending Plan

Let's Create Your


Your Conscious Spending Plan

This workbook will help you understand your spending patterns and connect your money with your values.  

No more budgeting every penny and feeling guilty about spending your own money.  

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What's Inside?

50/30/20 approach to your money

Your 5 core values 

spending categories

Excel spreadsheet that helps you get a sense of how you are spending right now and start setting intentions for where you want to be going forward.

A list of suggested values to help you identify your 5 core beliefs that are your true north for what matters in life.  Then a process of connecting your values to your spending. 

An automated table that helps you categorize all your expenses in three major buckets (needs, future you, and fun) to understand your current spending patterns. 

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