What if I told you the way you think about money ultimately determines how much you have in your bank account?
Our money beliefs impact the way we think about and relate to money in our lives. 
Take our money personality quiz to help you identify your money beliefs and move closer to reaching  your financial goals.

What's Your Money Personality?

What's Your Money Personality?

Let's Find Out


What's Your Money Personality?

Are Your Money Beliefs Holding You Back?  Recognizing Your Money Personality Is The First Step Toward Financial Health.


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What's Inside?

only 5 questions


4 money beliefs

Taking the test only takes a minute - just answer 5 simple questions and voila! You're done!

This quiz is based on findings of a Kansas State University study led by Dr. Brad Klontz.

There are four major money beliefs, according to researchers: Worship, Avoidance, Vigilance and Status.  Which one are you?

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