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Women are different from men when it comes to money. We still earn less in the same jobs as our male colleagues. We are more likely to have gaps in our careers and income due to motherhood. Moreover, ladies have different lifetime earnings curve with salaries peaking earlier (at 40 years old vs. 55 for men).
As a result, women have less money saved for retirement… while at the same time we have greater financial needs during our golden years because we tend to live longer.

Clearly, we need something other than cookie-cutter financial advice if we're going to catch up with our wealth. The “gender-neutral” financial services industry defaults to men’s salaries, career paths, preferences and lifespans. That’s not good enough!  Especially now!   

I'm Elena Nair 

I'm on a mission to educate and empower women to reach authentic financial freedom and raise money smart kids. 

To make things worse, COVID-19 pandemic had crippling effects on women's financial stability.  We are losing jobs at higher rate than men.  Plus, many of us are forced to quit due to greater childcare needs.  

Enter - Ellevest.

Ellevest was designed with women in mind.  The company focuses its investment advice on the needs of women and takes into account issues such as the wage gap, different lifetime earnings curve, longer career breaks and greater financial needs in retirement.


Ellevest Money Membership comes with the ability to purchase discounted one-on-one access to Certified Financial Planners and executive coaching from the company's career team, which can help women with financial issues like salary negotiations and career transitions.  Non-members can also purchase sessions without the discount.


 Ellevest's primary focus is helping you attain your investing goals.  But unlike its competitors, it also lets you invest for shorter-term goals such starting a business, saving for home down payment or child-related expenses, creating an emergency fund. 


Ellevest offers its clients the option to invest in Impact Portfolios made up of companies that promote the advancement of women and do business in socially and environmentally responsible way with high governance standards.


Here is why Ellevest has my stamp of approval

No fees. No commitments. No penalties for withdrawals.
Try Ellevest Money Membership now for as low as $1/month!

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designed for women

impact investing

goal focused

personal touch

What Is Ellevest?

retirement investing (with certain membership plans)

automatic rebalancing

no management fee

$0 minimum account deposit*

With your money membership, Ellevest can create and manage a personalized investment portfolio for you. It includes a gender-aware investment algorithm that factors in important realities like pay gaps, career breaks, and average lifespans.

You spend about 5 minutes and answer some questions about your money, life and career.  Based on that info, Ellevest recommends a diversified portfolio of low cost ETFs and how much they think you should invest to give you the best chance of reaching your goal, and then Ellevest automatically adjust your investment portfolio as you get closer to your goal date to help you stay on track. But it’s your money, and you can make changes any time you want.

You can choose to positively impact your future, the world, and other women through investing a portion of your money in Impact Portfolios.  

Investing designed for your real life

the only investment tool built by women, for women

non-retirement goal based investing 

Membership Benefits

includes mastercard world debit benefits

FDIC insurance up to $250,000*****

unlimited ATM fees refunds****

no minimum balance, overdraft or transfer fees

Membership at Ellevest comes with two FDIC-insured bank accounts (save and spend) and a World Debit Mastercard**.
Your Spend account is attached to your Ellevest debit card. Your Ellevest Save account is a safe, easy-to-access account that’s separate from your spending money. It's a great place to start an emergency fund.

You also have an opportunity to save sooner with Roundup.  If you activate Roundup, every time you buy something with your Ellevest debit card, you’ll automatically transfer the change (up to the nearest dollar) from your Spend account into your Save account***. 

Banking:  save while you spend

where women bank

Membership Benefits

example:  retirement check-up

example:  ditch the debt session

example:  budgeting and spending session

sessions starting at $125

An an Ellevest Money Member you have an opportunity to purchase discounted personalized guidance by working one-on-one with a money or career coach.  

You can schedule a single call to tackle things like making a spending plan, debt repayment or nailing the interview, or you can choose a package of sessions to work through a complex financial decision or find the next level in your career.  

Ellevest membership comes with discounts on all financial planning and career coaching sessions (20% to 50% off depending on your membership type).  

Coaching:  work one-on-one with financial planners and career coaches

coaching to get you where you want to go

Membership Benefits

personalized progress reports

courses and guides

in-app learning

digital workshops

Ellevest members have access to Learn dashboard where you can get help navigating career decisions and learning what money moves you can make right now.

You can also sign-up for member-only webinars and courses covering topics like how to make an intentional spending plan, how investing works or what you should do with your money during a recession.  

Learning about money and career

a place to learn what's important

Membership Benefits


Plus $5/Mo
Find your membership plan
Executive $9/Mo



20% coaching discounts




30% coaching discounts





50% coaching discounts


multi-goal investing

Essential $1/mo

people mainly concerned with earning high interest rate on their cash balances, such as emergency fund

Ellevest doesn't offer automated tax-loss harvesting. That could be a turnoff for the wealthiest investors with high balances in taxable accounts

Who it's not for...


beginner investors

Who it's for...

people interested in value-based investing

Investors who are looking to open trusts or 529 accounts

hands-off investors

individuals starting with little money to invest

Investors can select any number of savings goals (although goal access varies based on your membership plan) — including saving for a car, building a home down payment, putting away funds for child-related expenses or starting a business. Based on your time horizon and capacity for risk (as elicited via a questionnaire), Ellevest produces a customized investment plan that, according to simulations, gives you a 70% likelihood of reaching your goal. 

how can ellevest help me reach my money goals?

Yes, Ellevest is an FDIC-registered fiduciary.   Its advisors are legally obligated to keep your best interest first.

is ellevest a fiduciary?

Yes.  If your portfolio gets out of alignment with your goals and asset allocation targets, Ellevest will automatically make adjustments. And, Ellevest does it on an as-needed basis while some competitors only rebalance at certain intervals, such as twice a year.

is my portfolio automatically rebalanced?

Ellevest portfolios are composed of a mix of exchange-traded funds that cover more than 20 asset classes, which is more than what most of the leading robo-advisors offer. For its standard portfolios, Ellevest chooses from 20 ETFs; Impact Portfolios draw from 27 ETFs and mutual funds. 

what is your money invested in?

No.  Ellevest doesn't charge you a seperate advisory fee on your assets in the membership services.  Fees for your advisory services, execution, custody and banking services are included in your membership fee.  

does ellevest charge fee based on assets under management?

don't worry, we have the answers!

So you have some Questions?

what's the difference between core and impact portfolios?

Both portfolios are customized and designed to give you the best chance of reaching your money goals.  Impact portfolios are designed for positive social impact and advancing women.  

Let's do this!

Count me in, Girl!

I'm Ready to try Ellevest Money Membership!

*Ellevest Digital doesn’t require you to maintain a minimum account balance. However, there are portfolio-specific minimums (ranging from $1 to approximately $240). You may not receive the entire recommended portfolio until your account balance meets the respective portfolio minimum.

Ellevest will not rebalance a portfolio until it meets the respective account balance minimum necessary to generate the required shares. This minimum is a function of portfolio allocation and the share price of individual holdings, which will vary.
**Banking products and services are provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International.
***If you opt in to the Roundup Program for debit card purchases, each settled (i.e. fully completed) purchase transaction made with your Ellevest Debit Card will be rounded up to the nearest whole U.S. dollar. The Roundup amount will be transferred from your Spend account to your Save account. Foreign purchases are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar after the purchase is converted to U.S. dollars. ATM withdrawals and transactions in whole US dollars, e.g. $20.00 are excluded from the Roundup program. If, at the time of settlement of a purchase, your Ellevest Spend Account has insufficient available funds to cover the full amount of the Roundup transfer, the Roundup Transfer will not be made.
If a purchase is canceled or reversed for any reason (including disputes), the corresponding Roundup Transfer will not be reversed. You can opt out of the Roundup Program at any time.

****Banking products and services are provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International.
*****The Ellevest Spend and Save accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

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