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A couple of years ago, I was sitting in my home office with multiple internet tabs opened on my laptop, trying to refresh each one of them periodically so my sessions don't time out.  I had a pile of papers on my desk and a couple of open Excel spreadsheets staring at me...I was overwhelmed and lost.  Sound familiar? 

I was trying to get a complete picture of my financial life.  I knew that having access to all my financial accounts in one place will make it easier for me to achieve my financial goals.  I didn't realize at the time that there was a simpler way and it was not going to cost me a fortune.  Enter - Personal Capital. 

I'm Elena Nair. 

Get a real-time view and easily track and manage your entire financial life in one place.  Personal Capital syncs up all your accounts in one location and creates summaries of your spending, net worth, and most importantly, your investment portfolio.  


Personal Capital provides a clear summary of your financial position.   
The net worth report puts your balances, cash flow, and investments in one place. It also integrates with Zillow to provide daily updates on your property values.


 Personal Capital lets you explore your entire investment portfolio visually, regardless of where you hold the assets (Fidelity, Vanguard, your 401k, etc.). I’ve found this tool very valuable for managing my own overall asset allocation.


Personal Capital's free Retirement Planner is one of the most comprehensive calculators out there.
This feature allows you to access spending goals and income events and project future portfolio value. Then it tells you what kind of shape you're in for retirement.


Here is why Personal Capital has my stamp of approval

Get the high level view of your finances. 
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all in one place

retirement planner

portfolio analysis

net worth

See Your Personal Capital Dashboard

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Analyze past performance 

Get a target asset allocation 

Compare your portfolio to the target

Assess your risk

See how well your investments are performing – and how they could do even better – with the Investment Checkup tool. Compare your current portfolio allocation to the ideal target allocation designed to minimize risk and maximize returns to meet your financial goals.

Investment checkup

free financial tools


Evaluate your spending

Add income events

Anticipate big expenses

Assess your retirement readiness

With this highly sophisticated, realistic Retirement Planner, you’ll know exactly where you stand relative to your retirement goals. Now you can build, manage, and forecast your retirement plan in one convenient location.

Retirement Planner

free financial tools


Track your portfolio performance

Compare yourself to the average of your age or income 

Keep an eye on the only figure that really matters

Link your investing, retirement and bank accounts

Personal Capital's mission is to help you understand your net worth – what you have minus what you owe – through the Personal Capital Dashboard.  Get a complete picture of your net worth, any time.

Net Worth Calculator

free financial tools


Understand investing fees

Learn more about hidden 401(k) fees

Expose costly mutual funds expense ratios

See how fees impact your retirement

You could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden fees in your mutual fund, investing, and retirement accounts. Financial institutions charge annual fees (also known as custodial fees, inactivity fees, or 12b-1 fees) on mutual funds and other assets. Over time, these fees add up and can dramatically reduce your lifetime savings.

Hidden Fees Analyzer

free financial tools


No minimum balance

Withdraw up to $100K per day

Unlimited number of monthly transfers

Link to your checking for monthly bills

Personal capital cash

cash management

Set up direct deposit for your paychecks

For large withdrawals, wire up to $1M2 with no fees

Aggregate FDIC insured up to $1.5 million

High-yielding cash account


Over $1M investment assets

A customized portfolio with regular reviews

Two dedicated financial advisors

Over $200K to $1M investment assets

Personal Wealth Management

wealth management

Unlimited advice and retirement planning help from financial advisors

$100K to $200K investment assets

Investment Services:

Get personalized advice.  From a person. 

Wealth Management:

Private Client:

One-on-one comprehensive financial planning to build customized investment plans to help you meet your lifestyle goals.


If you don’t have at least $100,000 to invest, you won’t be able to use the Personal Capital Wealth Management service. But you can still use free financial tools.

people who want to ignore their financial reality

Who it's not for...

high-net-worth investors who can gain access to dedicated financial advisors at a lower fee compared to traditional human advisors

people who want to take control of their financial life

Who it's for...

DIY investors who can utilize personal capital's free comprehensive financial tools

Investors who fall in $100,000 to $200,000 range; they can find a similar level of service for less 

Yes.  Tax location places assets in different account types to help minimize taxes (higher yield securities being placed in tax-sheltered accounts when possible). Tax-loss harvesting can offset realized capital gains and be written off against income up to relevant IRS limits.

Does personal capital offer tax optimization strategies to its wealth management clients? 

You’ll earn 0.05% APY (annual percentage yield) for all accounts. Personal Capital Investment Service, Wealth Management, and Private Client clients will earn 0.10% APY for all accounts. The Personal Capital Cash Program interest rates are subject to change. 

what interest will i earn on personal capital cash?

Personal Capital only purchase highly liquid securities, meaning cash can be available to you within a normal 1 to 3-day settlement period.

how quickly can wealth management clients get access to their money if needed? 

Pershing Advisor Solutions, a Bank of New York Mellon Company. Pershing is one of the largest US custodians, with over a trillion dollars in global client assets. Personal Capital never directly takes custody of client assets, and only you have access to your money.

who holds your money (who is the custodian)? 

Personal Capital has one simple fee based on a percentage of assets managed. Wealth management, trade costs and custody are included – you do not pay trade commissions.  The fee schedule is as follows:  First $1 million: 0.89%; $1 million or more: first $3 million: 0.79%; next $2 million: 0.69%; next $5 million: 0.59%; over $10 million: 0.49%.

what are wealth management fees?

Yes, Personal Capital's Socially Responsible Personal Strategy (SRI) is a way for you to support and invest in companies more proactively managing environmental, social, and corporate governance related issues, also known as ESG. 

Does personal capital offer socially responsible investing strategies?

The higher fee with Personal Capital is due to a much higher service level. Not only do you have direct access to two financial advisors, who will help in both creating and modifying your portfolio going forward, but they’ll also provide holistic financial advice. That means they’ll help you with financial decisions that go beyond your investment portfolio. This can include estate planning and help with other financial situations, such as a home purchase or buying the right amount of insurance. Robo advisors don’t provide that level of service.
Personal Capital has a real advantage over traditional human investment advisors, who charge anywhere from 1% to 1.5% to manage your portfolio. 

Why is personal capital's advisory fee higher than other robo-advisors?

Personal Capital has two-factor authentication.  All information via the service is read-only.  You cannot perform any withdrawals or transfers from within Personal Capital's service.  Your account information is not displayed anywhere.  Personal Capital utilizes military-grade encryption (256-bit AES) to keep your data secure.

Is personal capital safe?  How's their secutity?

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