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Let’s talk about the most important decision you are going to make as an investor – choosing your asset allocation. Your investing journey should start with identifying your goals, investment horizon, and level of risk you can tolerate and still sleep well at night. The next step is deciding on your asset allocation.  Think of […]

How to Choose the Right Asset Allocation

Financial Wellness

Picking an exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be an overwhelming task.  There are thousands of ETFs out there (7,602 to be exact).  How do you find the right one to fit your investment strategy and goals?  Here are three simple tips to help you chose the right ETFs for your portfolio. Everything starts with asset allocation […]

How to choose the right ETF for your portfolio in 3 easy steps

Financial Wellness

2020 has been a tough year and it’s almost over.  Finally.  But before you celebrate and greet 2021 with your arms wide open, make sure to check these 5 things off your financial to-do list. No matter how excited you are to say goodbye to 2020, it doesn’t mean you should leave money on the […]

5 Money moves to make before saying “goodbye” to 2020

Financial Wellness