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Stock Investing for Beginners

When we hear the word “investing,” most of us picture men in vests and crisp shirts with their sleeves rolled up, trading millions of dollars on the stock exchange.  I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be a Wall Street trader, a finance geek, or someone with lots of money (or a […]

How to Invest in Stocks: A 10-Step Guide for Beginners

Financial Wellness

What do all wealthy women have in common?  Contrary to common beliefs, it is not designer handbags, luxury cars, or custom-built vacation homes.  In fact, rich women share healthy money habits that allowed them to accumulate wealth over time. Achieving and maintaining generational wealth is not a matter of winning a lottery or receiving a […]

7 Money Habits of Wealthy Women You Should Adopt

Clean Lifestyle

Automate Your Finances

Why Should You Automate Your Finances? Automating your finances is the single most important step you could take to set yourself up for financial success. First, taking control of your money should not be about discipline or willpower.  We all have busy lives.  There is not enough time or willpower to constantly work on your […]

How to Automate Your Finances in 5 Easy Steps

Financial Wellness